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Marriage - Heart to Heart (as seen on 3ABN)

Marriage - Heart to Heart (as seen on 3ABN)


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DVD album by Tom & Alane Waters

The complete set of Marriage--Heart to Heart. Twenty-six programs on seven DVDs.

  1. Learning to Become One 2. Two Me's or One Us 3. An Enduring Commitment 4. What is True Love? 5. Developing Respect 6. Cultivating Restraint 7. Establishing Our Roles in Marriage 8. Finding Forgiveness 9. The Grave for Faults 10. Building a Sure Foundation 11. Prayers of Love 12. Forming Common Goals 13. Setting Priorities 14. Effective Communication 15. Please Understand Me 16. Communication Breakers 17. Honesty & Integrity 18. Money Matters 19. Managing Money 20. From Discord to Harmony 21. Handling Our Emotions 22. When Counseling is Necessary 23. Keeping Love Alive 24. Moral Purity 25. Mutually Meaningful Intimacy 26. You Can Have a Marriage - Heart to Heart!