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Virginia Family Retreat (VAFR)  

2020 Dates:

September 9-13, 2020


Registration opens: July 1st at Noon Eastern time



Camp Bethel
328 Bethel Road
Fincastle, Virginia 24090




Tom & Alane Waters

Tom & Alane are passionate about seeking God's will for their lives and sharing His love and life changing power with others.   They left the popular culture of the day - thriving medical carers and advancement, bigger home, new car and worldly entertainment to seek a real, personal and vital connection with God, realizing it was the culture of His Word and His will that really mattered.   Being in ministry for over 30 years, they continue to have a zeal for God's Word to be the light that guides us in our day to day life.  They continue to give their all to hasten the coming of Christ and experience eternity in His Culture.




Isaac & Emily Schlittenhart

Isaac & Emily live in the northwest with their three young children. Isaac is a software engineer and works from home for a Midwest-based company. Emily is happy to be able to be a full-time mommy and homemaker. They feel blessed to be involved in their local church and are desirous to share the love of Jesus with others. They had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with the family where they were able to share the gospel during a week-long series. As great as it is to travel and share, they also appreciate and are challenged by the daily opportunities they have to show Jesus in their marriage and as parents. If it doesn't work at home, it's not the real deal! 



Retreat Hosts:




The Rivera Family

David, Keylla, Rachel & Isabella


2020 Family Retreat Theme Song:

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Music  score & words

Theme Song - A Heart of Love - Music/Score

Theme Song - A Heart of Love - Soundtrack


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Family Retreat in 7 minutes!
(Used to be called Family Campmeeting)


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