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Family Retreats 2016

Family Retreat map2016 dates and links

March 30 - April 3  National (Oklahoma)
April 28 - May 2  United Kingdom
May 26-29  Northeast
June 15-18  California
June 29 - July 2  British Columbia
July 13-16  Northwest
July 27-30  Colorado
September 7-11  Virginia
October 5-9  Indiana

2017 dates: National: March 29-April 2,  United Kingdom: April 27-May 1,  Northeast: May 25-28,  California: June 14-17,  Northwest: July 5-9 (no clash with YD,)  Colorado: August 23-26 (provisional dates,)  Virginia: September 13-17,  Indiana: October 11-15. 

Family Retreat is a special time of spiritual refreshment for the whole family. There are thirteen meetings, one Wednesday evening, four on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Plus Sunday for the National Retreat.)

The focus of all the messages is the practical "how-to's" of living a happy and useful Christian life, with a particular emphasis on the family. There are no separate children's meetings, as we encourage the whole family to stay, learn, and grow together and the whole family will enjoy the specially planned recreation time! Contact one of the listed hosts to secure your registration pack!

2016 Family Retreat intro

Family Retreat in 7 minutes!

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