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Family Activity Retreat 2018

Begins: 7PM Monday July 9, 2018.
Ends: Sabbath evening July 14, 2018.
Apgar Campground 
Glacier National Park 
West Glacier, MT 59936 
Google map - Retreat location


Tom and Alane Waters  
The Rayne Family


Spiritual theme:

Worship together, play together, learn together. The theme for our week together will be Family Bonding.  Family Activity Retreat is an opportunity to escape the rat-race, the media, and the phones, and grow closer as a family!  Praise the Lord, there is only weak cell service in the Apgar area :)
Family Activity Retreat is not a place where parents visit with parents while the children play with their friends, it is a time of family togetherness.  Families working together, playing together, and worshiping together.‚Äč

Local area:

General Apgar area:
Click for larger image

Weather in the mountains is unpredictible.
The average high 81F, average low 48F
More weather info: West Glacier, MT - July 2017

Apgar Campground Group sites E6 & E8 will be our base
Glacier National Park
US Hwy 2, West Glacier, MT 59901
Google map - Retreat location

44 sec. video of Apgar campground

11 min. 360 video of Apgar campground!
Group sites E6 & E8 (where the meetings will be)
are at 11:00-11:20 into the video.

Each family is on their own for lodging! 
Tent or RV in Apgar Campground  or
Fish Creek Campground is suggested.
Local lodging options: Search
Raynes & Waters are staying at Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins
Meetings held in Apgar Campground Group Site E6 & E8

Flying in:
Closest airport is Glacier Park International
between Kalispell & Columbia Falls, MT (FCA)
30 mins from Apgar, MT.
FCA can be expensive in the summer months.
The other airport options are:
Missoula, MT (MSO) 2.5 hours from Apgar
Great Falls, MT (GTF) 3.5 hours from Apgar
Spokane, WA (GEG) 5 hours from Apgar

Airports map - click for larger image

Each family is on their own for meals!  
Family bonding time :)
Costco, Walmart, and Natural Grocers are
in Kalispell.  Super 1 Foods in Kalispell,
Columbia Falls, and Whitefish, MT.

Schedule: (weather dependent!)

Monday July 9  Set up day
Arrive, setup, meet, explorer Apgar area
7:00pm 1st meeting
All meetings at Group site Loop E in
Apgar Campground (E6 & E8)
Theme of all meeting will be family bonding

Tuesday July 10  Hiking Day

7:30am Worship
8:30 Hiking, one of two options
Longer hike Highline Trail to loop 11.6 miles, or
Shorter hike, part of Highline Trail 1-8 miles
7:00pm 2nd meeting

Wed. July 11  Kayak/Canoe/Paddleboard Day

9:00am 3rd meeting
11:00am Kayaking/canoeing/Paddleboarding
Lake is walking distance from campground
Rent equipment is walking distance from lake    
7:00pm 4th meeting

Thursday July 12  Biking Day
  Mountain biking - Whitefish 
Regular biking - Apgar

9:00am 5th meeting
11:00am Biking, one of two options
Mountain biking at Whitefish Mountain Resort
Requires good mountain bike and pay for lift pass,
or ride the trails around Apgar area, easy biking
for any age.
7:00pm 6th meeting

Friday July 13 Float the river Day
White water rafting

A gentle float
9:00am 7th meeting
11:00am Float the river Day, one of two options
Pay for a White Water Rafting trip (3 hours)
or very mild float in Apgar area, (2 hours)
7:00pm 8th meeting

Sabbath July 14  Worship Day

11:00am 9th meeting Glacier Park east side
3:00pm Hike in Glacier Park
7:00pm 10th and final meeting

Sunday July 15  Break Camp Day
Pack up and leave by 11AM

Cost to attend: 
$150 per family
Plus $35 registeration fee, due at registration time
First $75.00 due March 30, 2018
Final $75.00 due May 30, 2018
Reg fee is non-refundable, sorry :(
Numbers are limited to twenty familes for 2018.

When you have registered and paid the $35 reg fee,
you may make the remaining $150 payment here:

Other costs:
In addition to the $150 cost to attend, and the
$35 registration fee, the following costs should
be considered.  Restoration International will
not collect the following fees, each family
pays vendor directly. None of the costs below
are included in the above $150 or $35.

Glacier National Park entrance fee: $25

Campsite: $20/night at Apgar Campground
Campsite: $23/night at Fish Creek Campground
Campsite: Various at West Glacier KOA
Hotel/cabin: $100+/night

Kayak/canoe/paddleboard rentals:
Many options Approx $15/person for 2 hours
More info here: goglacieroutfitters.com

Apgar bike rentals: 
Many options Approx $25/person for 4 hours
More info here: goglacieroutfitters.com

Whitefish Resort bike rentals:
Various mountain bikes/prices
More info here: skiwhitefish.com/bike-rentals

If you mountain bike at Whitefish Mountain Resort
(for the adventurous) you will need a lift ticket
$27/each.  More info here: 

If you bike at Apgar, (for the more cautious) no lift
ticket is needed, ride on trails through the woods
near campground.

Image result for audio In this link Paul Rayne explains some
of the logistics and details regarding 
our first Family Activity Retreat.

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