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Happy the Home is a parenting TV show with the Rayne Family, You can view all twenty-six program here, also available on DVD as The Connected Family DVD.  The companion book is The Connected Family.  The programs, and the book are split into three sections, as follows:

Section 1  - Programs 1-13
Winning Our Children's Hearts

Section 2 - Programs 14-17
Leading Our Children's Hearts to Christ

Section 3 - Programs 18-26
Developing Christian Principles at Home

Section 1.  Winning Our Children's Hearts

Program #1  
What We Need to Succeed

Program #2  
What in Their World is Going On?

Program #3
The Results of Affection

Program #4
Discovering Their Dreams

Program #5
Quickfire Recap of programs 1-4

Program #6
A Most Powerful Motivator

Program #7
One-on-One, Part 1

Program #8
But It's Not My Birthday

Program #9
Quickfire recap of programs 6, 7, 8

Program #10
Invest in the Best!

Program #11
Learning Their Limits

Program #12
A Secret Life​

Program #13
Quickfire Recap of Section One​

Section 2.  Leading Our Children's Hearts to Christ

Program #14 of 26
One-on-One, Part 2

Program #15 of 26
An Invitation

Program #16 of 26
A Friend Loveth at All Times

Program #17 of 26
Quickfire Recap of Section Two

Section 3.  Developing Christian Principles at Home

Program #18 of 26
Soul Power

Program #19 of 26
Winning Worship

Program #20 of 26
The Connection That Counts

Program #21 of 26
Quickfire Recap of 18, 19, & 20

Program #22 of 26
Me, Myself, and I

Program #23 of 26
A Sword Flight With the Devil

Program #24 of 26
Organizing Confusion

Program #25 of 26
Quickfire recap of 22, 23, & 24

Program #26 of 26
Building on Success

The Connected Family is the official companion book for the 3ABN Happy the Home programs.  The 26 chapters in the book correspond to the 26 programs.  The companion book is designed to help you get the most out of each program.  Each chapter comprises an informative reading, the Step Forward challenges for each program, plus a Q&A section where you can journal your progress and plans.  
Buy 1 copy $10.00 each
Buy 2-4 copies $9.00 each
Buy 5-9 copies $8.00 each
Buy 10-24 copies $7.20 each
Buy 25+ copies $6.60 each

Rayne's 3ABN "Today" Interview (Recorded Feb. 2011)

Photos from the recording process

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