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Oklahoma Family Campmeeting Streaming Video
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Oklahoma Family Campmeeting Schedule

NOTE: Times listed are Central Daylight Time (GMT-5:00)
6:30 pm   "Building Character for Eternity" Tom Waters
9:00 am   "Balance" Carolyn Rayne
11:00 am   "Country Living Today" Tom & Alane Waters
2:30 pm   "The Connected Family" The Rayne Family
7:00 pm   "Reaching the Heart" Tom & Alane Waters
9:00 am   "Reestablishing Resources" Paul & Carolyn Rayne
11:00 am   "Cultivating Christian Character" Alane Waters
2:30 pm   "Words – A Life & Death Matter" Allison Waters Fowler
7:00 pm   "Reestablishing Reasoning" Paul & Carolyn Rayne
9:00 am   "Spiritually Special Sabbaths" Waters family
11:00 am   "Whatever It Takes" Paul Rayne
3:00 pm   "The Supportive Wife" Alane Waters & Carolyn Rayne
7:00 pm   Family Panel Ministry team
9:00 am   "Before You Say, 'I Do'" Fowlers & Schlittenharts